Offers Board

The professionals have access to the Offer Board where all locum offers across Canada are posted.



1. The professional applies on an offer (partial or total)


2. The clinic confirms its interest with the candidate


3. The contact informations from the two parties are then unlocked and included in the contract


4. Confirm the schedule with the candidate
(if needed)


5. Begin the locum contract !

Availability Board

The clinics have access to the Availability Board where professionals availabilities are posted.



1. The clinics can directly request candidates to apply on their offers.


2. The candidates confirm their interest with the offer.


3. The clinic must have a minimum credit amount of $350 on their account and candidates informations are then automatically unlocked to the two parties and included in the contract.


4. Confirmation of the schedule with the candidate
(if needed)


5. Begin the locum contract !

Cliniques vétérinaires

INFORMATIONS UNLOCKED ON THE PLATFORM / The required minimum credit !

To unlock the contact informations of a candidate, the clinic must have a credit of at least 149$ on his account.

Having the minimum credit amount to your account allows you to automatically unlock the detailed informations of the candidates interested in your offers. You can apply the credit on your first invoice when the candidates are confirmed.

PROFESSIONAL FEES / We'll take care of it !

Professionals: The use of Oxilia is completely free for all animal health professionals as well as students, regardless of the duration of the contract.

Practices: Simply pay professional fees plus a service fee of 20%.

For example, a professional with an hourly rate of $60 costs $72 an hour.

No fees are charged until a match is completed, confirmed and charged to the clinic.

The hours worked by the candidate will have to be confirmed every two weeks. The clinic will be billed the following Monday and the professional will be paid on the Thursday of the following week.