Offers Board

The professionals have access to the Offer Board where all locum offers across Canada are posted.



1. The professional applies on an offer (partial or total)


2. The clinic confirms its interest with the candidate


3. The contact informations from the two parties are then unlocked and included in the contract


4. Confirm the schedule with the candidate
(if needed)


5. Begin the locum contract !

Availability Board

The clinics have access to the Availability Board where professionals availabilities are posted.



1. The clinic can request a candidate to apply on his offers.


2. The candidate confirms his interest with the offer


3. The clinic pays the partial payment and the informations are then unlocked to the two parties and included in the contract.


4. Confirmation of the schedule with the candidate
(if needed)


5. Begin the locum contract !

Cliniques vétérinaires


When a candidate confirms its interest with the match, the clinic must pay the partial payment of 350$ to have access to the candidate’s information. When the partial payment is received, the legal contracts are generated and sent to the two parties. This contract includes the total length of the offer originally posted in the offer, the names of the two parties and the hour rate of the professional. Please note that the schedule may vary from the original schedule posted on the platform depending on the final agreement between the clinic and the professional.

The partial payment allows us to maintain constant effort to create matches and avoid by-passing our services.

If you hire the professional, the partial payment will automatically be applied on his first pay. If you decide not to hire the candidate, the partial payment will be kept as credit for your next candidate. If you delete the offer, the credit will be applicable for a future offer.

PAYMENT OF THE PROFESSIONAL FEES / We'll take care of it !

Professionals: Our services are 100% free to all professionals, no matter the length of the contract!

Clinic: When the candidate is confirmed, the clinics must pay a success fee that consist in a percentage added to the hour rate of the professional. The success fee means that no fees are paid by the clinic until the match is confirmed and hours are worked by the professional.

e.g. A candidate that works at an hourly rate of 60$ per hour, with fees of 10%, will cost 66$ per hour to the clinic. The hours worked by the professional must be confirmed to us at the end of the week. The clinic will be sent an invoice the next Monday and the professional will be paid the next Thursday.

OXILIA'S SERVICE FEES / The plans depending on the length !

When a match is confirmed by the two parties, a work contract will be generated by Oxilia including the percentage fees added to the professional wage the clinic will have to pay. This percentage depends on the length of the contract and the final agreement between the clinic and the candidate.

First 150 hours : 20%
150th to 500th hours : 15%
501+ : 10%

Also, the clinic must use the platform to hire the candidate for the 12 months following the first day of employment of the candidate.