Quality control

Customer satisfaction is very important for Oxilia. Thus, we take several measures to ensure the quality of the service you receive. In addition, you can contact us by email or phone for any questions or to inform us of problematic situations.

Identity check

We verify the identities of all Oxilia users at the time of their registration.

Control of licenses

Oxilia regularly verifies the validity of the licenses of all veterinarians with the veterinary associations of each province.

Registered veterinary technicians or technologists
Depending on the case, we verify the licenses of all RVTs with their provincial association or with their veterinary association.

Veterinary students
Only students who are actually enrolled in a DVM program at a recognized university can register on Oxilia.

Contract compliance and terms of use

Oxilia exercises control over the behavior of its members. Access to the platform is subject to compliance with the terms of use.