Recruiting long-term employees without breaking the bank

The lack of personnel is a flagrant issue in the majority of veterinary establishments.

This is an advantage for the animal health professionals because they have the opportunity to test several workplaces before settling. For clinics, it is a challenge to overcome daily.

Moreover, the new generation seems to have an ingrained desire for freedom. They make their own rules and look for a flexible #lifestyle that allows them to open their horizons and maximize their opportunities.

This situation might give a headache to employers. The clash of generations is an issue that can upset young and older people.

When should you raise the white flag and ask for help?

A middleman specialized in recruitment can facilitate your work and give you the boost you need.

Finding replacements may be a short-term need, but a clinic may also benefit from an additional permanent employee.

Good news! Many locums, when they like the team they are working with, agree to become employees. Actually, most veterinarians and technicians do not want to indefinitely change workplaces with each new contract. A practice that offers them good working conditions and a flexible schedule is a great motivator to retain them.

Now, how do you hire all the necessary staff?

Placement agency? Head hunter?

What about a community where clinic needs are automatically matched with the availability of professionals in their area? And where you do not pay any fees until the HR needs of the clinic are filled …It makes you think!

And that is what Oxilia offers!

In addition to being the most economical approach to recruiting employees, it is more than a temporary solution to animal health professional shortages. Oxilia allows clinics to hire people they like, without an exclusivity clause.

In addition, the functioning of the Oxilia community is adapted to the needs of young professionals. Helping you to find young and motivated new blood!

To do so, the professional needs to have worked for at least 420 hours (equivalent to 3 months of full-time work) in your clinic.

Take advantage of a 25% discount on Oxilia’s fees when you convert your service contract into a permanent job!


For more information about the procedure, visite the Helpdesk section :


To help you in your recruitment decisions, we made a table of the costs related to each recruitment method.

Veterinarian Technician
Yourself Requires expertise in HR, time, and a good network Multiply your hourly rate with the number of hours you spend trying to find a replacement. HR specialists estimate that replacing an employee can cost up to 50% to 100% of the employees’ annual salary. $50,000 – $100,000 $20,000 – $40,000
Headhunters — Recruitment agencies Requires a lot of time to make follow-ups with the recruiter. From 25% up to 35% of the employee’s annual salary. $25,000 – $35,000 $10,000 – $14,000
Oxilia The automated system suggests candidates according to your criteria. Conversion fees after 420 hours minimum * $4,000-12 000$ $1,600-4200 $

*fees are base on the annual salary of the professional

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